Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy full-term to me!

Today I am 37 weeks. My baby doesn't think it's full-term yet, but whenever it decides to come from this point on is safe and happy.

Plus my Moby Wrap came in the mail today. I tried it on as soon as it came, and it's marvelous! I do think it will be a little better looking once the bulge in it is the baby as opposed to my belly, though...

In my mind I'm coming to terms with names. If it's a boy, I'm golden. A girl, well... I'm just not in love with the same names Neil is. I guess we'll let you know sometime in the next 4 weeks or so what ends up happening.

Joel learned how to properly carry scissors today. How happy! I immediately had to call "Safety Papa" (my dad) to let him know of this milestone. :) (He taught me, and reminded me everytime I ever forgot...) We have some Mothers Day presents to wrap after his nap (I made most of them, and I'm pretty proud of them!), and then we're done. I think I have most presents at least thought out all the way through September or so.

I have saved most of the more fun baby-prep tasks for next week. I can't wait to get doing them! Last night I filed all the bills lying around (my LEAST favorite job) and went through the cabinet where we keep way too many tupperware-ish things. Not fun things to do, but it sure feels great that they're done. I put away all the shiny clean parts of the breast pump this afternoon, and went through baby toys this morning (Joel loved discovering them again - "hey! here's my *thing I lost interest in a year ago but suddenly can't believe I've lived without*!") But this coming week I get to figure out what bottles we're going to get, bring the pack and play up, stock the changing tables, take Joel to find a present for the baby (I found some super hip things at Ten Thousand Villages to give to him "from the baby"), and go through some closets. Nesty, nesty! I love it!


At 5/10/2008 12:57 PM, Blogger kannie said...

Yes, Happy full-term, and Happy Nesting!!! :-) How cool!!! Presents to/from the baby are a neat idea, too! Happy Happy!!! :-)


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