Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oh, dear. My son has now been introduced to Battlebots. He is so excited that he's going to bed more than a half hour late just because he was too distracted to eat - distracted by telling us excitedly about the kind of robot he s going to build with Papa Mike. (Papa Mike has been notified and is going to scope out Fry's to see if he can find a robot kit.)

Joel has been going through my cd's lately and choosing new ones to listen to in the car. So far he likes Weird Al (he is going to be a hopeless nerd...), Cat Stevens (the more upbeat ones, at least - he likes "Peace Train" best), and John Denver (again, the more upbeat ones - "Grandma's Featherbed" and the like). He has no use for Abba or for Radiohead. (I skipped to track 8 of Kid A - my favorite on that one - and he said, "I hear noise in this song, Mama.") At home his favorite things to listen to are "The Monkeys Are Breaking Out" by Belle and Sebastian and pretty much anything by Average White Band (he asks for "AWB"). He likes most funk music once these have been exhausted during our dance parties (which are frequent...).

I am still getting a consistent A in my class. As long as I get a 67 or higher on my final on May 5th, I'll get an A for the class. And, even better, I'll be done with everything that is not a nursing class. Yay!

I am a little embarrassed that I first learned of Melpo Mene from a car commercial, but I must say that I lovelovelove him. I have been listening to his stuff a lot lately. It is completely lovely. I have only listened to him, though, when Joel is asleep, so I'm not sure if it qualifies to him as noise or music.

I have been doing some knitting lately. I'll post some pictures soon. Some fun stuff. I've also started mildly nesting, which is a very, very good thing for my house. Today I cleaned the kitchen, organized our little cabinet by the garage door, had dinner in the crockpot by 10:30 (seriously, nothing makes you feel like superwoman more than that), started a new knitting project as a present for someone on Sunday, and cleaned out my car. This is pretty good for me, considering I've been feeling crazy tired and sore lately. (I have another massage booked for Monday, which should help considerably with the soreness. Last time I had a massage, at the end of January, I wasn't sore for a full two months. If you need a good massage in Perrysburg, go to Viv at Body and Sole!)

We went to the Friends meeting last Sunday. We were so happy to be back there! It is a wonderful environment. I'm currently reading "The Quakers in America", and learning a lot about Quaker history and practice. We're digging it.

Next week I'm looking forward to my next midwife appointment. It is the last of my monthly appointments and the beginning of the 2 week appointments. We are so, so excited for this baby to arrive! I can't wait to meet him/her! Right now, it is making sure i have good posture - if I start to slouch, it starts kicking my ribs. So, I guess it's running out of room...


At 4/04/2008 10:10 AM, Blogger kannie said...

That is great! Joel has got to be the most articulate two-year-old on the planet! (and the cutest future "hopeless nerd" ever! ;-) "I hear noise" - what a great way to get the song changed, LOL.

Great job in school, too - that's really tough with a family!!!

Sweet knitting... and I agree - nesting is the best for housecleaning!!! ;-) I can't believe you have time to read on top of everything else - that sounds like a really fascinating book, too!

Anyway, I'll wrap up, but I sure hope your massage fixes all those owies! Take care!!!

At 4/04/2008 1:31 PM, Blogger Sparky said...

wow! i can't wait to meet little Herm. hooray!


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