Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is the day Joel's new diapers came in the mail. He was very happy to get them! (Okay, okay... I was the one who piled them around him and told him to put his hands up in the air and say, "yay".) Most of them don't fit yet, but I'm able to use some of them now. (I'm using the beige ones on the left for overnights, and they work incredibly well - better than the sometimes leaky disposables! I'm glad I finally got brave enough to try cloth overnight!) I got something crazy like 17 diapers and a zillion inserts for $98 shipped. And this, my dears, is why I love diaperswappers.

Perrysburg has a festival each year called the Harrison Rally Days. There is a big (for Pburg) artists' area, a kids' art area (where they can do art revolving around a theme - this year's was "Bugs"), local businesses set up booths, local restaurants set up booths, bands play, and there is an historic area. This picture is Joel learning how to load a cannon. Relevant to his life or not, he really loved it and did it about 12 times, in the correct order. My flute choir played down the sidewalk from here. It was a pretty decent show - I was proud of them! Also, in this historic part, I got to do tomahawk throwing. (I was rubbish.) Joel did have a great time making a bug headband, though he did refuse to keep it on his head.

Ah, child labor at its finest. Joel is an excellent windshield washer. Neil took a video of this, he kept saying, "dots" and buzzing, which is his way of saying "bugs". (Yes, we were standing right next to him.) (I said that for your benefit, Dad!)

This is the test I said I couldn't get a good picture of on my last post. I guess it'll do, though. Today my happy little prenatal development book said that the neural grooves are recognizable now, and that the baby is 1.0-1.5 mm long from head to tail. Way to go small one! (Many have asked, so I'll say this: I feel wonderful. No nausea, nothing like that. I am more tired than usual, but I'm also doing this with a 20 month old this time around.) Here's a super happy thing, though - two of the other 702 ladies are pregnant and due in the spring, too! I am so happy for the three of us to do this together! (The 702 ladies are the five of us who lived at 702 E Wooster in BG together during college.)

Our trip to Britain is shaping up well. I think we'll be spending a day at the Isle of Mull & Oban, then heading over to Edinburgh for a couple of days (we're going to try to catch a Hearts game! Yay!), then taking a day to mosey on down to Manchester so Scott can fly out. Neil and I are staying 2 more days, and we haven't really decided what to do yet. If you have suggestions on north/central England, let me know!


At 10/08/2007 7:04 PM, Blogger Sparky said...

no suggestions on things to do in england, except maybe eat fish and chips and say cue instead of line, but have FUN and i can't wait to see you in november. seriously, i'm dying here. ok, quick math: 1, 2,, wait. 7 little nieces and nephews by next may? i don't think i can keep up! i can't wait to see you and the new bean! and joel is SO stinkin' CUTE!!!!!!!!!


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