Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My guys at the Zoo a couple weeks ago. We had a great time. Joel is crazy (no, really - crazy) about fish. Ducks are also okay. Everything else, eh.

My summer classes have started. Well, really it's just one class, but since it's lecture and lab, it feels like two. I have my human and cat anatomy exam tomorrow, and a nervous system exam on Sunday. So far, two weeks into it, I have a 100%. Go me. The best thing about summer classes is that, after tomorrow, I'm 25% done, and I don't feel like we've really even started yet.

My flute choir is going well - we have four gigs this summer! It's keeping us busy and well-practiced, which is great.

See, I guess this is why I just don't update often. School and flute choir are pretty much it. That and Joel and Neil. Neil is digging a patch in our backyard to put in our patio bricks so that we can trellis our grapevines. Joel is always trying to help, digging and otherwise. He has his own little shovel, and he loves moving dirt around.

The other thing I've been doing is cleaning out our room-we-don't-talk-about upstairs, turning it into a place one can walk through. Actually, I'm moving some furniture around upstairs, turning room-we-don't-talk-about into a big open crafty-like room for me. I'm going to try to finish it off this afternoon and put all my scrapbooking stuff in there. If I felt I could leave it out and it wouldn't be lying all around the living room floor, I think I'd like it more and do it more.

For now, though, I'm off to wake Joel up and head out for a picnic. I'm meeting Rachel at the Commodore for a bluegrass concert (ah, Lucy Long!) and lunch in 15 minutes.


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