Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is Gage on his birth-day! He is a week old as of Friday. Beautiful, and with so much hair! He and his Mama are doing great.

My boy is going to be a percussionist... oh my... Neil brought home his drumsticks from his parents' house a couple of weeks ago. Joel nearly swooned.

This is Joel meeting his new friend Gage. These two are gonna do damage together, we just know it... Five years from now, Jen and I will be peacefully drinking tea and having lovely conversation, and it will get quiet... and we will be very afraid.

I haven't updated with pictures in so long, I wanted to do a couple. More tomorrow, maybe. Or the next day. We'll see.

PS - I've started classes. There is a loud, blatant guy who sits next to me, right front and center. He will make the class interesting. And loud. We'll see. So far, it's fun, and I'm really enjoying myself. I don't remember one single thing so far. Well, except that I know that the skeletal system has bones in it...

another PS - I am part of a challenge for January to get rid of 200 items that are cluttering up my home. So far, thanks to freecycle and motivation for a beautifully clean closet, I'm up to 86 items! Rockin!


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