Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas was good, New Years was good...

I'm going on cleaning-out phases right now. Notice: not cleaning phases, just cleaning-out phases. I just rejoined freecycle to try to get rid of stuff I need to get rid of from the bathroom. I have enough unopened lotion and other bath junk to make a junior high girl swoon. And other stuff. Tomorrow will perhaps be the family room.

This began today in response to me not being able to find all of my knitting needles. I just found them two weeks ago, lined them all up, felt warm and happy inside, and have somehow misplaced ALL of them. This bugs me. How does one misplace knitting needles? I have something that I'd really like to start on, too. Bummer.

I am trying to work on my essay for grad school. I'd love to get that done in the next week or so. So, really, why am I looking for knitting needles? I've got other more important stuff to do, right? But, man, I really need a hobby, too! I haven't gotten to do anything creative in what seems like forever. (Except mothering, which is the most creative thing I can think of, but that isn't fulfilling my working-with-my-hands need right now.)

My anatomy class begins next Friday. I got an anatomy book out of the library two weeks ago. I have no idea how I'm going to do this...

I guess it might be a good thing that I've lost my needles. Perhaps it is a direct voice saying, "You have a lot more to do than sit around and knit pants. Get up and memorize the parts of a cell!"


On another quick note, I've signed the vegpledge. I've been saying I'll only eat meat two days a week for a month now. So, I'm cutting it out completely now. It's so past time. Happy, happy. (I made an incredible butternut squash-sweet potato-apple soup on Saturday. Give me a little warning next time you swing by, and I'll make up a pot. Phenomenal on so many levels.)

My baby is almost one, and therefore no longer really a baby. We're celebrating on Sunday the 14th starting at 1pm. If you're interested, swing by. He loves being the center of attention!


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