Friday, November 17, 2006

Mmmmm.... homemade hummus... tasty. easy. vegan.

(no, I'm not vegan... but hummus is...)

Joel has all of a sudden become amazing. Like, more than before. (I'm the mom, okay? Let me have my bragging and happiness!) In this picture, he is playing his new favorite game, "pull-every-wipe-out-of-the-box-one-by-one-and-put-them-onto-the-floor". This game is followed shortly by "step-on-the-pile-of-wipes-i've-made-and-get-my-socks-really-wet", and then "notice-mom-has-put-half-of-the-wipes-back-and-take-them-out-again". This lasted no fewer than 45 minutes yesterday.

Well, that may not qualify as amazing, but his other favorite game is pointing to things. Neil and/or I will say, "Where is the _________?" and Joel, provided he knows what the heck we're talking about, will point. His best three are "light", "fan" and "pumpkin". (Today, he found the pumpkin underneath Neil's coat!) He's also quite good at "Dad", but "Mama" works only every once in a while. When asked, "Where is Mama?", he will sometimes point to his puzzle, a book, or some shredded cheese. He gets it about half of the time, though. (And those times warm his Mama's heart!) He's working on "dog", "nose", and "ear".

Today was our last day of baby story time at the library. They recently got a grant, so each participant was given a "Where's Spot?" book. It has flaps that open on each page, like "Is Spot in the piano?" and "Is Spot under the bed?" Joel digs these flaps. Our next story time begins in January.

I am so not cut out to be a pioneer woman. We have not had a washer/dryer for a week now, and our water has been shut off for two hours. Two hours. I have never been this thirsty or wanting to wash my hands in my life! I have a bowl of water that I'm using for anything I need general water for (I washed my hands once, and I'm worried to use anymore!), and I have a big water bottle that I'm over half done with. Two hours. (Neil just walked behind me, though, and said that they're almost done. Thank goodness. I'm such a wuss.) (Oh, wait, no. The words were actually, "It's going well." I'm still holding out for, "We're almost done.")

Joel loves black olives. And avocado with cayenne pepper. And butternut squash. And split pea soup.

Thanks to E and A for encouragement from the last post. I need that! I'm working on some stuff now... updates soon.


At 11/19/2006 5:46 PM, Blogger E-Speed said...

Mmmm Hummus! Sounds like you are having a blast with Joel! Can't wait to see you guys and the little guy again!

Hope that water got turned on!


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