Monday, September 25, 2006

We've been "walking" a lot lately...

(Hey Mom - forward this picture to Sue!)

So I finally did the "which celebrity do you look like" thingy after getting like a thousand emails from people about it. And who do I look like? Fred Savage. (wha...?!) I had a great list of people who I really share no likeness with AT ALL come up on my list. Janeane Garofalo was on there too, but I think it's because we both wear glasses. Also on the list were Peter Sellars, Danny Elfman, and Sean Lennon. The best ones, though, were Ann Kok and Aretha Franklin, with whom I'm quite sure I don't share heritage.

So that was certainly a fun three minutes.

I love*love*love I go there a few times a week. I had recently been feeling frustrated about the fact that other people (read: non-mothers) have weekends. And full nights of sleep. And time to do their own thing. And go out to coffeeshops without lugging around tiny, opinionated people. And read books that have more than seven words on a page. So, I followed the rookiemom's advice and made a list of 50 things I enjoy doing. It was kind of challenging and I had to ask Neil, "hey, what do I like doing?" (Most of his answers were helpful, however, "scraping the wallpaper in the bathroom" didn't make the list.) Now that I have my list (that actually is 53 items and growing - I'm such an overachiever!), I can look at it and make sure I do something on there frequently. This has dual purpose, I think. When I am frustrated and wanting an individual identity, I can do something on the list, and I can also realize that I've done stuff that I enjoy and can get over it.


At 9/28/2006 11:28 AM, Blogger E-Speed said...

I would imagine it is hard to spend time on you when you have a little one, but I think its important for you and your baby to make "me" time. You will be a much happier mom if you do! Hope you find the time to do something on the list every day! (or at least once a week!)

At 9/28/2006 11:29 AM, Blogger E-Speed said...

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