Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Last Wednesday I visited Megan & Jacque (you've seen them dancing in an earlier post of mine) at Wittenberg U. We had a great time. This is them playing football with the note they wrote to Jeff & Alex (some of our students still around town), who each ate one of the cookies I brought for them. Bethany (another youth leader to them, friend to me) and I made them oatmeal scotchies & caramel chewies. Yum. Wittenberg is tiny! (This coming from a state university graduate...)

Joel enjoys his cupboard. You'll notice that some of Neil's homemade wine is in a large jar in the cupboard. It has since been moved.

Here is Joel enjoying mashed bananas. I don't think more than two bites actually made it into his mouth. Squishing was much more fun. We went up for a bath shortly after this photo was taken.

My parents & my brother visited this past weekend. We had a good time. It was a great great great weekend for them to be here. We've had a family cold going around our house, and Neil & I needed extra sleep and down time. Yay for babysitters available at 7am after a long and snuffly night!

Right now I'm listening to a CD I made with Eric Dickey two years ago. I miss my flute a bunch. I haven't had too much time to play since Joel was born. Now that he's playing on his own a bit, I could start providing him with live background music...

This week and next week I'm at the junior high teaching two classes of beginner flutes. It's fun, I'm hoping to get a couple new students out of it, and I just plain like seeing the people in the Perrysburg music community who are a part of the schools as teachers or clinicians. (My role there is clinician.) I saw Mr. Short (of course), Mr. Hollabaugh (of course), & Jenny, who was my "big sister" in Sigma Alpha Iota, who is an orchestra teacher there, how fun to see her! I also gave my first post-Joel flute leson yesterday. I'm hoping to get back into the music swing - there is a music community here, I just need to get back into it!

Big news of the day: the Bierhups are having another boy! Yay! Max is going to be an amazing big brother! The only downer is that they may miss Joel's first birthday party due to their baby boy being born... he's due four days before Joel's birthday! I think it's going to pretty nifty that their birthdays will be so close together.


At 9/07/2006 6:26 PM, Anonymous Neil said...

You aren't the only one missing the flute...I think Joel will love it now!
He certainly likes the drum enough...


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