Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is Joel a few hours old, taking a much needed nap. He is one week away from being 6 months old! Unreal! He's gone from around 7 pounds to now over 16, he's sitting up on his own, almost figuring out crawling, giggling when people sneeze or put him high in the air, has two teeth, and likes to play with all kinds of things. Amazing.

We've had a good time with friends lately. We've started hanging out with Ryan & Holly across the street a lot more now, and they are incredibly awesome people. (Have you ever felt like you wish you were as cool as someone?) They are very real, very interesting, and very thoughtful people and a lot of fun to have conversations with.

We played a gig in downtown Perrysburg today. It was pretty fun. We played all kinds of songs that we haven't played in, literally, years. We had made a set list about 5 or 6 years ago to play from, and we just followed that list today. It was beautiful weather for playing outside.

I think we are now officially done with all things uncomfortable with Zoar. Now we can move on in complete freedom to loving the people, pastor(s), students, events, and everything else about the church. I am truly hoping for the success of the church and everyone in it. Neil and Pastor Tim had a good conversation the other night, and I feel peaceful closure.

Tomorrow we are going to the Quaker church. It meets at the nature reserve in Perrysburg. It should be a neat experience. I really like what the Quaker church stands for socially, so it'll be neat to see what they teach about faith.

A couple of my students and I made a list a few months ago about all the great public places I should breastfeed, like at a park, in church, in a restaurant, etc. One thing that was not on the list was on a street corner in Perrysburg. I should TOTALLY get bonus points for that!


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