Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is one of Joel's favorite places to be... his exersaucer. (I really kind of hate that word...)

Joel and I got back this afternoon from an overnight trip to Cinci. Kathryn, a very dear and wonderful friend of mine, was in the state, so those of us who lived at 702 East Wooster Street in BG during college all got together at Erica's house in West Chester. We had a really, really great time. I miss seeing them... it was like we'd seen each other last Tuesday, not 142 Tuesdays ago. Everyone looks marvelous, is marvelous, and going about life well.

Hey, does anyone want to be my friend? Because I totally need more. I had forgotten how great it is to sit outside with a bottle of wine and a bunch of good friends for hours and hours. Anyone up for it? Curse busyness and distance!

So, I've known that IKEA exists, and I've seen some of their stuff, but not for a while. And they've just opened one about an hour away in Canton, Michigan. I'm pretty stoked about that. I was looking through a catalog at Erica's, and it was like really good candy.

I love Kings of Convenience and Javier Alvarez today!

This weekend is the big wedding and Father's Day. Rockin.


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