Sunday, October 30, 2005

So, my little one is rolling around inside of me a lot lately. She's very active and happy, or so it seems. No matter what my mood or present temperment, feeling her swim around or kick always puts a smile on my face. I really do love carrying her and growing her in my body.

The time I notice her most is at night, right before I go to sleep. I lie down in bed and all of a sudden there is a "kick, kick" or "flip, flop" or swimming about. Usually she kicks toward the bed, whatever side I'm lying on. It's funny how I can go for hours throughout a busy day without noticing her, or noticing her much.

I think this is kind of like our ability to see God. When we are moving around like crazy all the time, consumed with a million tasks throughout the course of a day, with our minds on everything in the world, we don't much notice anything beyond ourselves, our tasks, our responsibilities, what is right in front of us (sometimes the most obvious, even!). When we slow down, when we allow our bodies and minds to rest (which doesn't really tend to be very often...), we can notice what is going on around us, we notice what is outside of ourselves, we notice what God's bigger picture is. It seems I can go weeks without noticing anything besides what is going on around me that isn't directly related to MY life, MY tasks, MY current interests... and there's an entire world of creation, of people and places and beauty, that is growing and evolving and turning into something, and I didn't even see it happening.

And it was right there the whole time.


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