Monday, June 19, 2006

This is after eating some apples today. I think apples are Joel's favorite food (that doesn't come from me). I can't believe how long his legs are!

What a great weekend! The wedding was absolutely wonderful, as was the afterparty here. It was really great seeing everyone! I had no idea that Daryl was a Catchphrase enthusiast.

Today was productive for me. I cleaned out our three (!) junk drawers in the kitchen, as well as 6 cabinets. I feels marvelous to open them now! Next, I'm moving on to the boxes in the living room that are my stuff from my office. I feel like I could've gotten more done, but I have a 5 month old...

I listened to Rob Bell's Palm Sunday talk whilst cleaning out the kitchen. It was amazing. If you have an hour and want something to listen to, check it out. (click on April 9th)

Neil and I are watching Joel and the rain. What an amazing life.


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