Thursday, November 02, 2006

This week in pictures (in non-consecutive order)...Joel & I spent last week in Atlanta. (My parents live there.) While we were there, Grandpa Mike cultivated Joel's love of John Deere. (oh my...) By the end of the week, Joel had to touch or, preferably, ride on it every single time we went out into the garage. (We had to touch it three times before we could leave for the airport on Saturday!)

I have a love for all things apple, except for the extensive peeling/coring/slicing aspect that is necessary in order to make nearly anything appley. For this reason, I went in search of an apple peeler, one of the nice fancy ones that lets you put the apple on a three pronged end, crank a handle, and voila, a peeled, sliced, and cored apple falls into your hand! I found one such gadget for merely $12! And, after a kind of embarrassing learning curve, I now have the hang of it. The night before Joel and I left for Atlanta, I learned a new equation: apple peeler + boys + power drill = VERY quickly peeled apples and apple skin eating contests. This picture is Neil, Alex, Jeff, & Max right before the contest. (Jeff won.)

Joel loveslovesloves riding on planes! His favorites is landing, followed by taking off and touching all the buttons. Here he is switching XM channels.

My best (so far) picture chronicling my bad parenting skills. I'm sure you all have pictures of you as a pre-one-year-old taking everything out of your cupboards, right? Well, your parents may or may not have kept their Gentleman Jack's on the bottom & most accessible cupboard. My parents do, but in their defense, they did not when they were parents of pre-one-year-olds. (Please do notice that the cap is on.)

Joel on the plane again, this time discovering the air vent. This was the happy airplane trip, where nothing was delayed or cancelled, and there was no desparate searching for baby-appropriate food in the terminal.


At 11/02/2006 1:56 PM, Blogger E-Speed said...

:) the apple peels look hilarious. glad your trip was fun and the flights weren't bad!


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