Saturday, January 06, 2007

Joel has had stomach flu for the past couple of days. He's better today, but he decided to share it with me. I slept until 12:30, and went back to bed by 2:00. Ick. I'm feeling a bit better now, though.

I am getting really excited about being a part of a CSA this year! That means we'll get a box of organic, harvested-that-day vegetables delivered to us each week. (I think on Thursdays, but I'm not sure.) We signed up for a full share, which I know is going to keep us very, very creative. (A full share is allegedly enough vegetables for 4-5 people for a week. So, that's all we're going to be eating!) So, fair warning: if you come over to our place for dinner between May and October (and you should), be prepared for really good vegetables. Lots of them.

So I wrote this in here before... but:

Joel is turning one in a week and a half! Unreal! We're celebrating on Sunday, January 14th from 1-3pm. We would love to have you come and celebrate with us! (Don't feel like you need to bring him anything. If you want to, that's okay, but it's so not expected or anything.) It's at our house. There will be lots of balloons! :)

(Joel loveslovesloves balloons. It's crazy.)


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