Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I officially have an A in Anatomy! Woo!

I really have a hard time with this, as silly as it sounds. It's no secret that undergrad wasn't, say, my highpoint. It barely even ranks with the lowpoints. I didn't get many A's, especially not in science. Right now I'm retraining myself to think that I'm not still in that part of my life, that I've moved on and I actually can go into a test or something and know the answers and do well. My head keeps fighting with itself. I should not be able to do this and understand it. But, I am and I can.

In related news, I actually had a "late-for-the-exam" dream the night before the final. I woke up and laughed at myself. I didn't think I'd have one of those at age 29!


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