Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yay! Pictures!

(Maybe I'm the only one excited about my own pictures...)

This is what 6 cubic yards of mulch looks like in our driveway. I don't recommend it. It took Neil and somewhat I working on it for nearly two days straight before the driveway was clear and mulch was transferred to different points around our yard. We have lots to spare if anyone needs some... and we've already given a truckload to friends down the street! It barely made a dent. Thanks, City of Perrysburg, for the lesson that not everything free is good...

Ah, spring! This is a picture of a patch of crocuses in my front yard. They are usually the first to come out here - they're gone now, but they made my March so happy!

When I cut onions, two things happen: first, I put on these goggles so my eyes don't water so much. Next, Joel laughs at me. Here he is thinking he is absolutely hilarious. (And, I'm not going to lie, he really is.)

Joel loves stirring and tasting. So, he will often rummage around until he finds a cup- or bowl-like container and a utensil of some sort (this can be a spoon, a measuring cup, a pen, or a toothbrush), and stirs and tastes away. He puts the utensil in his mouth after stirring and enthusiastically says, "Mmmmmmmm!" This is usually followed by drinking whatever made up substance in the bowl/cup is, and, of course, more stirring. I get quite a few things done while encouraging him in this! :)

My very serious artist, asking for another color of paint. We have found that it is definitely best to strip him down before painting. (The bathtub ended up looking very much like the artwork about 15 minutes post-picture.)

I've mostly been hanging out with Joel and studying bones for the past week or so. The big, dreaded bone test is on Monday. I think it will be fine, in spite of all the horror stories. I've made a commitment to getting an A in this class, so I have no option but to know all the parts of the bones. So, that has become my nightly ritual.

Our whole house has been sick this week. Happily, we seem to be improving.


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