Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Joel in is big boy carseat - he loves facing front!

Birthday cake. He ate the frosting, and kind of moved the cake around on his tray a bit. He was pretty tired by this time, though... His cake was shaped as a star. I thought it was cute. (But, then again, I did make it...)

Joel with his car saying, "brrrrrrooooooooommmmmmmmm", 12 month old speak for "vroom". That, and he has a page of our page-a-day calendar that he retrieved from the trash can in the bathroom... He wouldn't let me put anything on after his FuzziBunz this day. He went around in only a diaper for probably an hour. (He does look good in yellow, though, even if it's only on a little part of him.)

My class is going well. My lab partner, although 18 years old (!) and still very negative about school (as 18 year olds are), is quite smart and interested in doing things efficiently and well, as am I. We did cheek scrapings yesterday! Woo! That and elodia leaves. (Is this bringing back crazy memories to anyone? I keep thinking that Mr. Asmus - the a & p teacher at Perrysburg - is going to come up behind me and tap me on the shoulder with a skeleton.) (Randy - I get to do Spunky II next semester!)

I just called my senators for the first time today! I'm a member of Bread for the World, and I got an email telling me about the minimum wage vote before the senate (I think tomorrow?) and that I should call Senator Brown. So, I did. Then the guy taking messages asked me if I had called Senator Voinovich, and transferred me there. It was an excellent 2 minutes and 23 seconds experience. I feel like an active participant in my government. (Well, more active than I was - before I just voted. So, one more step!)

My flute choir started again yesterday. Three of our members had birthdays since our break over Christmas, so the conversation on ages and birthdays began. That's when I realized that every single woman in there could be, or could almost be, my grandmother. But, I absolutely love them, and I can't believe they listen to the person in the room who is not yet 30. (Although, we're coming pretty close now...)

A quick note on my class: Remember Loud, Blatant Guy that I mentioned in my last post? The one who said to my instructor that half the class wouldn't be there in two weeks? Yeah. He hasn't been to class since then.


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