Thursday, April 05, 2007

What?! Snow?! Boo! I was really getting used to wearing light clothes and biking everywhere! My poor daffodils were apparently used to it, too... the poor things were beautifully blooming and enjoying the weather. They are now drooped over and crying out for warmth.

Lots of good things happening. Easter dinner will be at our house, and I have no idea what that means. Neil and I thought we could grill out, but then realized it will be 30 degrees. So, I'll have to plan an alternative menu. My Easter happiness will be super complete because my brother Scott is coming to visit, starting tomorrow! Yay!

My latest "hobby" is workout videos. I'm learning that I'm good at some things and not so much at others. For example, "Cardio HipHop" just makes me look like a fool. That went back to the library earlier this week.

Joel is almost done teething. This means that he is teething like a madman right now. He is so sad... but the end (and two new molars) is in sight. He is also climbing all over everything, especially if it has height to it, walking down the stairs with the help of the handrail, "helping" me with everything I do, and learning that he can make really neat sounds with his mouth. (Today we were listening to a song in which a guy has 15 pets, all of which are named Bob. Joel started saying "bob, bob, bob" and laughing a lot.) He really makes my life feel more complete.

I've signed up for my summer class. I'll be taking A&P II, trying out an online course for the first time. It's going to be rough to take it in two months since labs (with cats) are twice a week, and we do the much more intricate systems, like nervous and muscular. But, I always did much better in my summer classes in undergrad than in my regular classes. (A big difference, though, is that in undergrad I had no husband or children, and I worked at a coffeeshop. And the classes were things such as "Small Group Communication" and "Aural Skills III".) We'll see...

The Bierhup clan came over last night. What a great time!

Meatless hotdogs = ick.

My flute choir is playing at the Perrysburg community Good Friday service tomorrow at noon. It's at the Presbyterian church. Neil's dad is coming over to watch Joel while I go direct. Yay!


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hope your Easter dinner goes well!


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