Thursday, August 09, 2007

"I would argue that there are deep, worldly systems of exploitation and entitlement that whole people groups have bought into, the whole idea that 'we deserve this'. At any time the first question in regards to the earth is not 'well, is there any way that we could use less?'; anytime the first spirit that you bump up against is 'it's our right to take all this', you're probably encountering a spirit of entitlement that actually believes the earth is ours and not God's. So, when someone comes up and says, 'well, it's just ours, we can do whatever we want', this is somebody who's so deeply into a system of entitlement that they've actually become an advocate of the very systems Jesus came to set us free from."
-Rob Bell, sermon from July 15th

Hear more of crackus drivewaya michiganus. It really is lovely and incredibly important.


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