Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have been getting pretty down lately - I think it's because of the constant grayness that surrounds northwest Ohio for months at a time during winter. Happily, this past week has at least given us a little bit of sunshine, and it was nice to have my skin drink in some vitamin D.

Everything with the baby is going very well. S/he's measuring right on, and my midwife is delaying my 2 week appointments for another month. Hooray! As of April 11th, though, I start every-two-week appointments - oh my! I am really getting excited for this baby to arrive. We cleaned out the guest room and the sewing room* to consolidate them, so that the former guest bedroom can become Joel's "big boy room". He and I went to pick out sheets yesterday, which was a fun event. We went to Once Upon a Child, where they had airplane sheets. I'd been talking up a car theme, but he liked the airplane sheets at first glance. When I found a duvet cover with dogs driving cars, however, he took the package from me and walked toward the front of the store, saying, "Okay, pay now Mama." So, we got the dogs driving cars. It is pretty cute - we're putting the bedroom up this week, so I'll post a completed room picture soon. So, hopefully as of April, Joel will be in his new room and I can turn the nursery back into a nursery. I'm hoping that a nice nesting phase will begin soon, so that I have energy and motivation for my growing to-do lists.

*Please note that above I use the term "sewing room". Although I'd love to claim to be such a domestic goddess, all it means is that it was the room the sewing machine resided in. Perhaps now I shall call the basement "the sewing room"...*

I turned 30 last week. It was pretty lovely. My mom and my brother came to visit, and we had a very nice time. My very wonderful mother got me another pregnancy massage for my birthday, which is exactly what I was hoping for. (That, and a pair of socks that say "30 Something"... thanks Mom.)

We are in the process of narrowing down baby names. Joel insists that the baby is a boy and his name is Sam. (Which is also the name of both of his dolls that he has named.) So, no matter what the baby is named, s/he will probably be called Sam by at least it's brother, similar to the Scott phenomenon in my family. (My brother, my uncle, and my cousin are all called Scott, although only one of them is actually named Scott.)

Other than that, I'm about halfway through my nutrition class, pining for spring, standing in amazement how awesome Joel is, and playing with my little family. Neil and I both had one of those shimmering moments yesterday when everything seemed just right. Lovely and simple.


At 4/02/2008 10:23 AM, Blogger E-Speed said...

sounds like things are well other than a little grayness. Hopefully spring will be here soon and all will be well :)


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