Monday, October 29, 2007

I have now officially registered for what will hopefully be my last class of pre-nursing. It sure irks me, though, why I have to take it. In undergrad at BGSU, I took a nutrition class. The nursing program at Owens requires a nutrition class. Rockin, right? Not exactly. If I had taken the class at Owens, it would transfer to BG. However, the same class at BG doesn't transfer to Owens. Come on. But, it's my only class for the spring, I hope. After that, I can take two classes in the fall (they are available online - I'm not taking any classes away from home with a 3 month old), and then I start the actual nursing program! Hurrah!

My first midwife appointment was on Friday. Joel came with me, dressed in his little hockey outfit so we could do the Zoo's little kids' trick or treat thing afterward. The appointment was marvelous; I gave an updated family medical history and got some blood drawn, as well as got the obligatory samples of prenatal vitamins and Tums. I turned down an early ultrasound, since I'll have one at 20 weeks anyway. The midwife who delivered Joel came out as I was making my next appointment and said, "Are you going to find out this time?" Ha. (She told me this spring when I saw her that the nurses are still teasing her for saying, "Isn't this supposed to be a girl?" when Joel was born!)

We've been doing some fun Halloweenish stuff with Joel. I think he's understanding trick or treating a little bit (the little man of few words simply holds up his pumpkin bucket to the candy giver), but he probably wonders why in the world we do it, since he doesn't eat candy. I know he is having fun, though, especially as he never hears quite so much, "Oh! He is so cute!" condensed into only 30 minutes or so.

Quick update on Joel's drumming progress: he loveslovesloves his drum and the Top Secret video still. Everything in the house (and often away from the house) is a potential drum. He is now hitting his little marching drum with both ends of the sticks (since he saw them do it in the video), and leads Neil and me in parades around and around our house (the other day we did this for 45 minutes straight, no joke). He's also trying to figure out how to do a drum roll, and can watch a Dave Weckl instructional video enthusiastically. (And do the simple exercises a day or two later.) So, I think we have a drummer on our hands. (Casey! Help!)


At 10/30/2007 6:24 AM, Blogger Casey said...

Haskell W. Harr Drum Method, book 1
Remo tunable practice pad
Vic-Firth 5Bs - hickory


It's where all great drummers started.

At 10/31/2007 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anne. Congrats on the little drummer boy! And on your pregnancy! Sounds like you and I are on almost the exact same track at our respective nursing schools. It is crazy the limits/restrictions they make on transferring credits. When I started this fall they tried to tell me I needed foreign language courses...eventually I used the fact that I *taught* a FL for four years to get out of that :) Glad to hear that things are going so well for you!


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