Monday, September 25, 2006

We've been "walking" a lot lately...

(Hey Mom - forward this picture to Sue!)

So I finally did the "which celebrity do you look like" thingy after getting like a thousand emails from people about it. And who do I look like? Fred Savage. (wha...?!) I had a great list of people who I really share no likeness with AT ALL come up on my list. Janeane Garofalo was on there too, but I think it's because we both wear glasses. Also on the list were Peter Sellars, Danny Elfman, and Sean Lennon. The best ones, though, were Ann Kok and Aretha Franklin, with whom I'm quite sure I don't share heritage.

So that was certainly a fun three minutes.

I love*love*love I go there a few times a week. I had recently been feeling frustrated about the fact that other people (read: non-mothers) have weekends. And full nights of sleep. And time to do their own thing. And go out to coffeeshops without lugging around tiny, opinionated people. And read books that have more than seven words on a page. So, I followed the rookiemom's advice and made a list of 50 things I enjoy doing. It was kind of challenging and I had to ask Neil, "hey, what do I like doing?" (Most of his answers were helpful, however, "scraping the wallpaper in the bathroom" didn't make the list.) Now that I have my list (that actually is 53 items and growing - I'm such an overachiever!), I can look at it and make sure I do something on there frequently. This has dual purpose, I think. When I am frustrated and wanting an individual identity, I can do something on the list, and I can also realize that I've done stuff that I enjoy and can get over it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ugh. Me one month before getting pregnant. I think it's time for me to start working out and stuff...

This week I've been in the junior high again with the 6th grade flutes. We're having a good time! Most of them can get a sound out of the flute most of the time, which is success! I'm also had a new flute student yesterday. Her name is also Anne and she also lives on Oak Knoll Drive. Sweet.

Tonight I'm teaching a class at Grace for the youth program. I'm nervous. It means the world to me, though, that Chris (the Grace youth pastor) has confidence in me that I can do it. We'll see. There's this thought in the back (or, sometimes in the front) of my mind that says I suck at this, and why bother hoisting me on another youth group, I'll probably kill it. Happily, it is SO not about me. I know this, and I have for a long time, but it's hard to get that out of my head...

Joel has two new teeth coming in today! I'm excited they've arrived, but this gives me renewed nervousness of being bitten, this time from the top AND bottom.

Tomorrow is swim class, this weekend is alumni band. Next week, I'm actually going to try out MOPS at Cedar Creek. I think I've crossed over into crazy mom land...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Co-Worker: My wife's not too happy with me.
Client: Oh, I'm sure--
Co-Worker: --No, she's pregnant again.
Client: Ooooh, that's gotta be your fault. No woman would do that to herself.

Highland Avenue
Cheshire, Connecticut


Teen #1: I swear, those chickens were from hell.
Teen #2: All chickens are from hell.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

overheard at the office

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Last Wednesday I visited Megan & Jacque (you've seen them dancing in an earlier post of mine) at Wittenberg U. We had a great time. This is them playing football with the note they wrote to Jeff & Alex (some of our students still around town), who each ate one of the cookies I brought for them. Bethany (another youth leader to them, friend to me) and I made them oatmeal scotchies & caramel chewies. Yum. Wittenberg is tiny! (This coming from a state university graduate...)

Joel enjoys his cupboard. You'll notice that some of Neil's homemade wine is in a large jar in the cupboard. It has since been moved.

Here is Joel enjoying mashed bananas. I don't think more than two bites actually made it into his mouth. Squishing was much more fun. We went up for a bath shortly after this photo was taken.

My parents & my brother visited this past weekend. We had a good time. It was a great great great weekend for them to be here. We've had a family cold going around our house, and Neil & I needed extra sleep and down time. Yay for babysitters available at 7am after a long and snuffly night!

Right now I'm listening to a CD I made with Eric Dickey two years ago. I miss my flute a bunch. I haven't had too much time to play since Joel was born. Now that he's playing on his own a bit, I could start providing him with live background music...

This week and next week I'm at the junior high teaching two classes of beginner flutes. It's fun, I'm hoping to get a couple new students out of it, and I just plain like seeing the people in the Perrysburg music community who are a part of the schools as teachers or clinicians. (My role there is clinician.) I saw Mr. Short (of course), Mr. Hollabaugh (of course), & Jenny, who was my "big sister" in Sigma Alpha Iota, who is an orchestra teacher there, how fun to see her! I also gave my first post-Joel flute leson yesterday. I'm hoping to get back into the music swing - there is a music community here, I just need to get back into it!

Big news of the day: the Bierhups are having another boy! Yay! Max is going to be an amazing big brother! The only downer is that they may miss Joel's first birthday party due to their baby boy being born... he's due four days before Joel's birthday! I think it's going to pretty nifty that their birthdays will be so close together.