Thursday, March 29, 2007

I wish I could post a couple of pictures! We have some great outside pictures from the past couple of weeks. Our upstairs computer (the one with the pictures on it...) is down for the moment, though.

Well, first thing's first: I didn't get into the Graduate Entry program. Boo. So, my plans have changed a bit. The original thought was that I would do the MSN (masters of science in nursing) and then do the CNM (certified nurse midwife) at either U of M (go blue...) or Case Western when the time came. Then, I went to plan B, which involves taking a year to get a couple of required classes under my belt at Owens, then transferring to Mercy, where they do not have a three year waiting list. (!) I would get my ADN (associates degree in nursing), then my BSN elsewhere (bachelors), then the MSN somewhere, and then my CNM at one of the aforementioned schools. Then, I went to see my midwife today. She said, oh goodness no! Get my ADN, and get the CNM & MSN through distance learning all at one time, and not at U of M or Case! She said the graduate entry program wouldn't be good for me professionally OR philosophically. I don't need to get a BSN since I already have my bachelors degree. Rock on! She was really encouraging and made me feel like it was doable, even by little ol' me. So, I guess that's my revised plan. (No, I don't expect that you caught it all. I'm rambling like mad.)

So, onward toward my nursing degree, then toward my nurse-midwifery certification.

There's a new coffee shop at Levis that is locally owned, awesome, and taking out Starbucks one cup at a time. So, next time you're around there, be sure to visit The Flying Bean. It's very hip, they have entertainment on Fridays, the owners and baristas are great - what are you waiting for?! You need a caffeine fix! Hie thee to The Flying Bean! (It's over by Bartz-Viviano and Woodard Photographic, a little off the main drag.)

I still have an A in my anatomy class. I never thought I could get an A in science... Sweet. I do, however, have four tests and one quiz in the next month, so the real indication is what I say I have on May 7th.

We had some people over for dinner yesterday. It was marvelous. No one, however, enjoyed my very favorite soup, which I was sad about. If you come over sometime, I'll make it for you, and you be the judge. (Sweet Potato - Butternut Squash - Apple. Oh. My. Goodness.)

Joel is teething pretty hard right now. My poor babe. At least the end is in sight.

Off to celebrate that my future is still bright!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Some not really confirmed bad news that has got me pretty down today: my brother's friend, who is currently a student in the MSN program I applied for, was pretty sure that phone calls have already been made to applicants who got an interview. I called the school a few days ago to tell them I'll be out of town next week but will call them back when I get home, should I get a call. The secretary pretty much blew me off. So, I guess I won't be able to jump right to the MSN. You know, even though I didn't think I'd really get in, I still feel really really sad. I'll hear for certain by the end of the month, but you'd think they'd want to have a couple of weeks for interviews. Boo.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to spending some warm days with Scott in Tempe this weekend and with my parents in Atlanta next week. It's my birthday next week, and really, who do you want to be with on your birthday other than your mom? She's the one we should be celebrating!

Joel has been pretty grumpy today, too. I think we're both feeding each other grumpiness. I'm going to try to come up with something happy for us to do.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Things that absolutely fascinate me:

1. Russian history - I just finished "reading" (on audiobook while driving and washing dishes) "Rasputin's Daughter". I love the history of the Romanov dynasty. I have ever since Hriv's Euro class senior year. I've read books on it, done informative speeches on it in college, studied it. And now, I've read a semi-fictional account of Rasputin's death. Love it.

2. Protein synthesis & DNA - There is an amazing website
that is all about DNA, RNA, and the human genome project. My instructor told me about it after class yesterday. (Plus it has a neat section on finding of the Romanov family's grave. Really neat. It mostly mirrors Robert Massie's "The Romanovs: The Final Chapter" book, though. (If you ever want to borrow it...)

3. One-year olds - Joel is amazing. He is talking, knows his body parts, is running, learning his colors (we're doing really well on red), and just being plain cool. Now, if we could just get him to sleep!

I just listened to an amazing talk - Mars Hill's message from Feb. 18th. The most amazing thought was from an African church pastor worried about a famine a few years ago. They were running out of supplies to give to people, and the pastor said, "How will they know we're a church if we're not able to give people what they need?" I have not seen a church around here yet that has had such an amazing attitude. I'm looking for it wherever I go.