Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We spent this afternoon at the park, and there was a little boy just about Joel's age there. I could see the two boys talking, and Joel trying to avoid the other little boy (very strange for Joel, who loves making friends!). Joel ran up to me:

Joel: That boy is saying, "Flrushbly fishleramy"!

Me: What is he saying?

Joel: "Flrushbly Fishleramy!"

Me: Okay...

Joel runs back to the little boy.

A few minutes later I could see that Joel was really avoiding the little boy, going the other way when he saw him coming, that sort of thing. So I called him over:

Me: I think that little boy wants to be friends with you! Let's try to be his friend and play with him, okay?

Joel: But I can't understand what he's saying!

This morning for April Fool's Day, Neil, Joel, and Asher came in to wake me up:

Neil: Tell Mama what happened, Joel!

Joel: Mama, the kitchen is full of balloons, not really!

Three is a fantastic age. I love it.