Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dear Loud Motorists on Humphrey Road,

I realize that the sound of your sports car or motorcycle revving up is probably one of the reasons you purchased it in the first place. I can sympathize. I, too, once made a large purchase because of a sound I fell in love with - my lovely Muramatsu flute. Ah, to hear it glide through pieces, up, down, and around... it makes my heart fly.

I have found, however, when I make use of my purchase when others are sleeping, it causes far less joy for all involved.

You see, when you give in to the temptation to accelerate as much as possible along the 600 feet that is Humphrey Road, your purchase in turn wakes up my darling little boy who has just dropped off to sleep. Getting him to this point is quite a feat for me, and I become incredibly unimpressed by the amount of noise your motor makes.

I respectfully register my request that you stop showing off and obey the posted 35 mph speed limit. Thank you.


P.S. - Fire department, I realize that letting off all those sirens is part of your job, but try to keep it down as much as you can during nap time, alright?


At 4/01/2009 11:34 AM, Blogger kannie said...

"Incredibly unimpressed."

That's a good phrase. ;-)

We're REALLY lucky that Kiddo sleeps through most of that sort of noise, but he had a "light sleeping" phase a while ago, and I just wanted to rip the horn right out of the car in our apt. building that honks every time it locks!!! Fortunately, that phase passed, and the car still honks.


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