Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally! Another update! Well, I've begun sewing again. I haven't sewn anything significant or fun for a few years. I made these pants for Asher a few days ago. I'm always tickled when something I've sewn makes it successfully through the washer and dryer for the first time, and I'm happy to say that these have passed the test.

Asher loves food. He certainly doesn't limit it to his mouth, though. Here he is after applying peas to his face and hair. (Lovely blue eyes!)

Here is another sewing machine creation. Joel wanted an apron to wear when he makes soup so it won't get him messy. (That was his reasoning.) So, we went to Hobby Lobby and found this construction vehicle fabric. I used a pair of old pants of Neil's to make the straps. Joel loves it. Sometimes he wears it to cook, sometimes to race cars, sometimes to build... it really is a versatile piece.

When Joel is playing at the Cinicinnati Children's Museum, there is sometimes not much for Asher to do. He really loves this, though!

The JoAnn's down the street here is now closed. It is moving, so they had a moving sale. This lovely fabric was 80% off. Such happiness. I have so many things I'm itching to make now!

A few weeks ago we had lots of snow and ice. Neil and Joel went outside one with the intention of making a snowman, but the conditions weren't great for that. So, they made "Ice Henge" as an alternative. Then they came inside to have hot chocolate. (Asher and I visited briefly.)

Joel and I have been sculpting and painting a lot lately. We were making a park with trees and sandboxes and sidewalks and the like. It's been fun.

We're enjoying Cincinnati, and longing for our house in Perrysburg to sell. Asher is now 8 months old, Joel just turned 3, and there is so much great stuff going on. Life is good.


At 2/16/2009 11:15 AM, Blogger kannie said...

"Ice Henge" - how cute!!! And yes, I agree - that triumphal moment when an item you've created survives the washing machine for the first time is pure, sweet victory, LOL! :-) You rock! :-)


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