Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hooray for this week's CSA box! We have little tomatoes, a cucumber, a hot pepper, green beans, wax beans, eggplant, green onions, beets, broccoli, and Swiss chard. The tomatoes, cucumber, and broccoli we'll eat raw, Neil will enjoy the hot pepper with something, I'm sure, the beet greens and Swiss chard I'll make into southern style greens (we like the greens and Joel likes the bacon...). Green onions we chop up into pretty much everything (I put them into egg salad last week and kasha a few days ago - yum) and I'll probably steam the beans (hopefully not too much this time... last week Neil happily ate them, but to me they tasted like canned green beans, something I have happily avoided throughout my life - Neil assured me they tasted much different, though). I'm still looking for a way to eat beets, and I've never been an eggplant fan, though I've tried to be. I'll be on the lookout for a tasty eggplant recipe in the next couple of days. If you have ideas, let me know.


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