Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is sweet Asher, on a rare awake moment. These elusive moments do tend to happen daily, but certainly for no more than an hour - at least until he wakes up at 8pm and decides to stay awake for four hours... we're working on that!

Asher is doing really well with his eating - he's gained almost two pounds so far! (And that was at last count - at the pediatrician appointment last Thursday.) Tonight he gave me 2 real smiles, which were so beautiful I can't wait to see more! Music seems to really calm him. His favorites right now are Bobby McFarrin (okay, okay - he only knows one song, but he really loves it - it's called "Common Threads", not "Don't Worry, Be Happy"), and The Innocence Mission (he really seems to like the entire "Now The Day Is Over" album). He is kind of a sensitive baby, so I'm not really ready to introduce him to his big brother's Funk Dance Parties... yet...

Yay! It's CSA season! We are members of the Ten Mile Creek CSA. Today was our first box! We received red kale, green kale, baby beets, radishes, Swiss chard, green onions, and broccoli. I looked up recipes today for the kale, beets, and chard. It's going to be a fun week experimenting with new foods! (The Swiss chard is not pictured here, as it was on the stove being turned into a wonderful side dish at the time the picture was taken.) We are all looking forward to the season!

Here is Joel with his vegetables. He loves learning about fruits and vegetables, and apparently enjoys being pictured with them as well. I have an incredibly awesome two year old! (There were a few weeks a couple of months ago when we got lots of children's books from the library about fresh produce and what foods are good for our bodies. He's been hooked ever since.) Seriously, he loves it. My mom took him to the grocery store the week before I had Asher, and they came home with a pineapple, cherries, peaches, avocadoes, and some other fruit. Really. This is how people can best spoil my kid. Rock on.

This is pretty much what I'm looking at right now. Asher had a rough night as far as his belly goes, and spent a lot of time uncomfortable. I love*love*love the Moby Wrap - he gets in it and falls asleep pretty much instantly. This is a nearly 100% sort of deal. If he's been up for 3 or 4 hours, I pop him in and off he goes. (I just figured this out a couple of days ago...)He is so, so sweet looking!

What a great kid! Joel is continuing to learn how to be a big brother and live with a sometimes squawky and often nursing brother. He is so wonderful. I am incredibly proud (and relieved... let's be honest here!) at how well he's doing. Tonight was a craft night, and we made lots of animals and other things with construction paper, (lots of) glue, googly eyes, and cotton balls. Bliss.

Two year olds tend to imitate. Here is Joel imitating me - he was "looking for nipples" the other day, and found his baby to nurse. What an amazing kid.

As for me, I'm trying to get the three of us out of the house on a pretty near daily basis. It keeps us all occupied and not frustrated with learning to live together. We're doing well, but I know that getting out is helping all of us. (Well, Joel and me, anyway... Asher's at a wonderful age where he'll go along with pretty much anything!) Also, my Bell's Palsy seems to be starting to get better. I am starting to feel a couple of muscles in my eyelids. I'm hoping it's all a good sign!


At 6/24/2008 11:21 PM, Blogger kannie said...

So glad your Bell's Palsy is improving!!! Yay!!! :-) And with your success with Joel, we'll have to try that "book about vegetables" idea for Kiddo - he's easily excited about things that seem more grown-up right now (meaning, he's okay with Pull-ups again while we're working on potty training, as long as they're the same kind his older cousin has in case of emergencies...). Yay for healthy eating and garden co-ops! :-)

At 6/25/2008 11:14 AM, Blogger E-Speed said...

OMG the nursing photo is hilarious. Sounds like things are going well for you guys! Hope that Palsy clears up all the way!


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