Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A quick saga of my illnesses over the past couple of weeks, just because I'm so incredibly done with being sick. Writing about it may be sort of therapeutic...

Two Thursdays ago (something like the 23rd or 24th?) I came down with a fairly high fever. (102) I had it for two days, and then it turned low grade and went away. At my midwife appointment, she took a throat culture just to see that everything was okay in there.

A couple days later it turned into the nastiest cold I've had in years. (I still have it...) My culture came back with a very slight trace of Strep A, but I thought I'd kicked it.

On my due date (the 30th), I knew around 6:30 that I was coming down with an ear infection. I started on some antibiotics that night. I also cried like crazy that night, because I couldn't imagine going through labor with an ear infection. I have often said that I'd rather go through labor than have an ear infection - but I never imagined having to do both at the same time... (ha!)

I went into labor three days later - everything went fine as far as the ear goes. Labor was lovely, and sweet Asher was born.

Later that day I stopped being able to hear well, and my ears plugged up, feeling like descent on an airplane - I kept wanting to pop them.

Then, on Saturday, I came down with Bell's Palsy. Thankfully, I knew a little bit about it already - Neil's mom had it a few years ago, so we learned all about it then. It is a condition where the 7th cranial nerve, which controls the muscles of the face (one on each side) is blocked/traumatized/otherwise affected, and you lose the ability to control half of your face. The result is slurred speech, not being able to smile correctly (although Joel does a pretty funny impression of me...), not being able to close one eye, and generally freaking out everyone you come into contact with. Happily, it's temporary, but there's no telling when it will actually get better.

So, I'm now on a new antibiotic for the recurring ear infection and sinus infection, doing some muscle exercises, and trying to get over my vanity when I leave the house. Bah. I'm so, so, so ready to not be sick anymore!!!


At 6/10/2008 12:44 PM, Blogger kannie said...

Oh, Ann! I'm so sorry you've been feeling so miserable! I'm glad your ear is getting better, and I sure hope you recover from the Bell's Palsy bout soon! So glad Baby Asher's birth went well, though... :-) Our thoughts & prayers are with you!!!

At 6/10/2008 3:43 PM, Blogger Eostre said...

My poor dear, I hope you feel 100% very soon! If it's any comfort, my mom had Bell's Palsy a few years back, and it only lasted a couple of weeks. And your cold symptoms sound exactly like what's been going around here in NE OH, so you're not alone...

I am mentally sending health waves to you from Cleveland. ::ommmmmm::


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