Monday, June 16, 2008

My three guys... I love having two boys!!! (And one grown up one...)

An "Adventures in Great Parenting" picture. Joel wanted to get his dad beer for Fathers Day, and this is Neil trying to share it with him, to no avail. (Joel really doesn't like beer - I should be very happy about this!) The other neighborhood dads were pretty jealous of Neil's gift - Neil was pretty happy, too! (What 2 year old wants to get his dad beer?) It's definitely a step up from Joel wanting to get him battery operated monster trucks for his birthday, at least...

This is pretty much how everyone gets to see Asher these days. He is a crazy sleeper! He is either sleeping or eating. His favorite place to sleep is in the Moby Wrap or the Hotsling. (I'd love to put him in the Peanut Shell, but I have absolutely no idea where it is... I'll probably find it as soon as he doesn't want to be in it anymore...) Sometimes, though, Mama simply needs to have no baby attached to her. At these times he is usually in this bassinet.

Asher is doing very well. He is two weeks old today! Wow! He seems to me to be chubbing up pretty well - we go to the pediatrician later this week, so I'll know for sure how he's doing on Mama's Milk.

Joel is very good at being a big brother. He is learning to be gentle (with little lessons every day...), loves hugging and kissing his brother, and doesn't get too annoyed when Asher wants to cluster feed a lot. (We're due for a growth spurt this week, though, so we'll see how that holds up...)

I'm doing well, too. I'm no longer engorged (yay!!!!!!!!!!!), I'm dealing well with new baby sleep deprivation (I had forgotten about this, though... wow), and I'm getting out with both kids in tow. Amazing. I even cleaned one of the bathrooms yesterday! (That's what I should post a picture of...)

I'm a little concerned about the pediatrician appointment this week, though. We chose not to have Asher vaccinated at the hospital for Hepatitis B, and the receptionist on the phone seemed very offended by our choice. I'm not concerned about my son sleeping around or becoming a needle addict in the next couple of years, though - it seems silly to vax for this quite yet... I hope they don't start pushing this particular vaccine yet. They've been okay with our choice of no varicella vax with Joel so far.


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