Friday, August 05, 2011

Asher fighting fires

Here is Asher (minus the phantom flesh, thank goodness) fighting the "fires" at the Sharonville Touch a Truck.

The Touch a Truck in Sharonville is our favorite one, I think. Today there was a rescue helicopter, at least 4 fire trucks, two ambulances, all manner of city vehicles (snow plow, backhoe loader, street sweeper, baseball field-smoother-outer, etc), two hazmat trucks, the Ohio Cat people (who, along with their backhoe loader brought a huge cooler filled with bottled water - they are super high on our awesome list!), 2 SWAT vehicles, the mounted division of the county parks, a few police cars and other police vehicles, a Hummer limo, the Metro bus, a school bus, 4 or 5 Air National Guard vehicles, a tow truck... I know I'm missing a few. It was huge.

The kids also came home with a giant pile of swag that I'm trying to figure out what to do with. (A wooden airplane kit, rulers, stickers, pencils, folders, coloring pages and books, new badges, and more - yikes!)

We had such a lovely time - we were there for three hours. This is the third year we've been to it, and we come away looking forward to next year!


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